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Live Preview @ [personal profile] empirical_data
  1. Go here and follow the directions to install "Mixit".

  2. Go to customize and select "Your Custom Layers" and choose "Mixit".

  3. Go to "Custom CSS", uncheck Use layout's "Base Weblog" stylesheet, and copy and paste what's below into the box.

  4. Go to Sidebars and in Body of custom sidebar module add this.

  5. Change the order of items to this:
    First item in sidebar = Profile
    Second item in sidebar = Custom Text
    Third item in sidebar = Calendar
    Fourth item in sidebar = Tags

    And whatever you want.
  6. Save Changes.

  7. The image used in the contact post is this:

  8. If you want fonts to create your own graphics, here are some useful free ones.
    List at Star Trek Minutiae.
    Tag at fontspace.
    Another font list at fanspace.