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2017-03-28 03:00 am

New Codes

Everything you can change is in caps and hyphens or Lorem Ipsum.

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2015-12-05 12:50 pm

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2014-11-12 01:20 pm

Fallout Nav Code

Character Name  -  Fallout New Vegas

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Character Name  -  Fallout

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2014-07-08 03:27 am

Personal Link Reference

To be updated as more links are found.

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2014-06-20 04:16 pm
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How to make a slightly raised icon...

Character Name
Character Name
Character Name

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2013-12-06 08:18 pm
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Lyrics table for [profile] fivepointpalm

Song Title
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2013-04-02 11:31 pm
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Numerical Rule

A bit of odd coding a select few might find useful. Let's say you're going to post something with a LOT of text, like an especially long poem or essay you've written, and you want to point out which line you want to go to?

An easy way to do this is to create a five-line numerical rule. For this to work, the table size has to be set to a width that will appear properly on most screens, so it may not work for mobile phones. But for people reading on their computer, if you tell them to go to "line 123" they should be able to scroll to it easilly. And having it a five-line rule makes it considerably easier to type in the numbers.

Keep in mind including a DW username will alter a linewidth, so this is mostly for blocks of text.
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2013-03-05 07:33 am

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I hardly ever leave personal entries here. I'll try to have another WIP picture up soon. I've been slowly wittling my way through some.

I have a few people here that I used to RP with and I actually really miss doing things with, so I wanted to link to my new RP Open Post. If any ideas strike you, please hit me up?
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2012-05-18 08:46 am


Fffft. Sorry about that, FL. That was supposed to be private codefuckery because I got a wild hair up my ass to play around with div tags and practice making a character list with borders, and without it being a table.

Unfortunately I'm a failboat and forgot to actually make it private. Again, apologies.