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Glazed MacGuffin ([personal profile] glazedmacguffin) wrote2014-12-26 06:19 pm

Confusing DDoS Attacks and You

Okay, so, this is the easier way to tell what's going on.

As a lot of people know by now, PSN and XBox Live were hit by DDoS attacks. PSN was hit the hardest with it's status page constantly reading as "offline", and according to XBox Live's connection has been spotty. Edit: As of Dec. 28th both networks are back online.

Lizard Squad claimed responsibility for the attacks, and despite a generous offer from file-hosting internet guru Kim Dotcom (which they responded to favorably) the servers are still experiencing trouble. Sony was attacked earlier this year as was XBox Live, and Lizard Squad threatened to do so again on Christmas. Blizzard (, Destiny servers, as well as GTA 5, Doda, League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Runescape.

After service failed to reliably return, a group called Finest Squad promised to stop them. In fact, they made this promise before the DDoS attacks even began. Meanwhile, a reportedly false message from anonymous was released. Later, Anonymous not only refuted that, but claimed that the mastermind behind Lizard Squad and Finest Squad were one in the same, an individual named Sabu. More adamantly Anonymous is angry about Lizard Squad's attacks on Tor. More on those threats here.

Basically, I'm posting it here because this whole story is making me-

-and I wanted to share it. I'll update this with any other strangeness that I'm pointed to.