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How to make a slightly raised icon...

Character Name
Character Name
Character Name

►Copy and paste the code below.
►Replace ---URL OF PICTURE GOES HERE--- but be sure to leave the apostrophes on either side of it.
►Replace ---URL OF LINK--- and be sure the quotation marks stay.
►Replace ---CHARACTER NAME--- and be sure the quotation marks stay.
►Remember that anything between the <raw-code> and </raw-code> tags will need a <br> if you want to make a new line. So if you want to separate the character name (say, first name and then last name) you'll have put <br> between them.
►If you want to replace colors, you can do this in notepad.
  • #668B8B
  • #2F4F4F
  • #ffffff (white)

Table Code

Single Button