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Glazed MacGuffin ([personal profile] glazedmacguffin) wrote2013-06-20 10:37 am

Music Videos

Fandom: Men in Black
Characters: Misc.
Song: Weapon of Choice
Notes: This is the first actual video I made. Safe for work, though warnings for some alien body horror.

Weapon of Choice - MiB from Glazed MacGuffin on Vimeo.

Fandom: Marvel (Cinematic Universe)
Characters: Misc.
Song: 20k Feet - Assemblage 23
Notes: Just sad, but safe for work.

MCU - 20k Feet from Glazed MacGuffin on Vimeo.

Fandom: Earth: Final Conflict
Characters: Ronald Sandoval
Song: Toma - Puscifer
Notes: This one I pretty much like all the way through. I only had a small sampling of episodes, though.

Ronald Sandoval - Toma from Glazed MacGuffin on Vimeo.

Fandom: Lexx
Characters: Zev Bellringer
Song: Ooh La La - Goldfrapp
Notes: This one wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it didn't turn out bad. No nudity but there is a blip on a viewscreen that shows the uh... questionable nature of her blue hair, so perhaps NSFW.

Zev Bellringer - Ooh La La from Glazed MacGuffin on Vimeo.

Fandom: Silent Hill
Characters: Misc.
Song: Light of the Dancing Flame - Róisín Murphy
Notes: Other than sample material quality, this turned out pretty good. Disturbing Silent Hill content ensues.

Silent Hill - Light of the Dancing Flame from Glazed MacGuffin on Vimeo.

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